Lot for sale in tulum look our real estate listings in Tulum for sale our listing for the best options in lots for sale in tulum area, residencial lots and commercial lots.

In Tulum Mexico you have many real estate choices: single-family lots, multi-family residential, commercial, hotel and condominium. Tulum Real Estate also has jungle and beach property within current inventory. Prices vary according location, size and improvement level. Current offerings for unimproved lots start as low as $10 - 1000 USD per square meter ($10 - 1000 per square foot).

In recent years many investors have purchased lots to build homes, hotels and condominiums. The market is still untapped with tremendous potential for growth. Tulum is becoming the new tourist mecca, surrounded by nature, pristine tranquility, and many archaeological ruins. The spiritual element, historical features, and proximity to excursions continue attracting tourists from all over the world.

Investment in land is an excellent alternative to traditional retirement savings. If you are one who desires to purchase and enjoy something today while watching it grow in value into the future, consider acquiring a piece of paradise in the Mexican Caribbean. Tulum, on the Riviera Maya is full of attractions, family friendly, and where values continue to appreciate. Increasing demand translates to opportunity for discerning investors who own in Tulum.

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