Tulum Real Estate Services

Vacations Rental

Public Notaries

Issuance of Stock Titles and Partnerships Certificates.

Incorporation of Bank Trust (Fideicomisos) to acquire Real Estate in the Restricted Zone.

Preparing of private Agreements for Sales and Cession of Rights.

Legal Consulting Regarding Acquisition of Real Estate.

Migratory Formalities (FM3, FM2. Working Visas).

Notices to the National Registry of Foreing Investmens.

Formalities for Sales.

Merger and Subdivision of Lots.

Connection for Notary Services related with:

Powers of Attorney.

Ratification of Signatures.

Certification of Documents.

Sales Agreements.


Cession of Rights.

Notary Notifications.

Notary Certifications of facts.

Incorporation of Condominium Regime.